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We at International Business Setup Services (IBSS ) is specialized in setting up of professional companies, firms, organizations such as law firms, management consultancies, HR consultancies, Market Research companies, engineering consultancies and Many other Professional Activity, cost-effectively and in a hassle free process. We cater service to foreign companies to register their professional company’s branch in Dubai or in any emirates as desired. We help investors to identify the nature of professional activity to choose for conducting business in UAE, which help the investors to manage the time line very effectively.

Professional company is a firm whose performance stems from the intellectual efforts capacity of the partners. For instance, a Auditing firm or law firm is a professional company, since their activities rely on the academic qualifications and the experience of its Auditors & lawyers.

As all professional activities are knowledge-driven activities, Government has ensured must to have educational qualifications for shareholder in order to provide efficient professional services across UAE. The utilization of academic credentials promotes the maintenance of uniformity in Dubai thus facilitating equality.

The government’s approach of using education has encouraged many multinational professional service providers to open their branches in Dubai and other emirates of UAE to enhance their international clientele.

All the professional company needs to appoint a local service agent to comply with the legal requirements. Some categories for example an engineering consultancy needs to appoint a qualified civil engineer with three years of experience in the same field, followed by registrations at competent authorities. We are arranging such local service agents to professional companies and complete the company formation formalities.

Important points related to professional companies:

• This can be 100% owned by expatriate share holders
• UAE national is required as a service agent
• There is no minimum share capital requirement
• For more than one shareholder, the professional companies can be formed and it is designated as civil company
• Renting office and obtaining Tenancy Contract & Ejari is compulsory
• Some of the fields in professional companies include; management consultancy, IT consultancy, administrative services, legal consultancy, accountancy services, educational services.
• Professional companies can also have limited liability legal structure by adding UAE national as 51% shareholder. In this case, the company will be designated as LLC and expatriate can hold only 49% of shares
• A degree, experience, and relevant certificates for shareholders are mandatory


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