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Portugal Citizenship: Is Portugal an excellent location for make a residing and invest your cash?

Yes, it’s miles! Why? persuade yourself via reading the below information.

believe living in a country wherein you could discover a big variety of landscapes and environments in a small vicinity: Sandy seashores as ways as the attention can see, golden plains and mountains, colorful and cosmopolitan cities and a millennial background.

right here you could exercise water sports activities, play golf on the satisfactory courses inside the international, contemplate nature, experience the most novel nicely-being remedies, or simply get out into the united states of America and find out unbeatable background, wines, and delicacies.


In phrases of weather, our winters are moderate and summers are hot and dry. Did you understand that the quantity of hours of the light in line with yr reaches values as excessive as 3300 inside the south of the country and 1600 in the north, a number of the highest in Europe?

The Portuguese

The Portuguese are gracious and friendly, welcoming all site visitors irrespective of in which they come from. And, in truth, site visitors do come right here from all around the globe, as the country is placed on the western coast of Europe and, as such, is a point of the front into the Schengen zone. A huge a part of the populace speaks overseas languages, particularly English.


Portugal has an incredible geographical region. on the assembly point among three continents – Europe, Africa, and thus it has usually been critical to the most crucial worldwide routes. right here you can discover worldwide airports all around the united states of America – Lisbon, Faro, and Porto have normal connections to primary cities in the global.

Did that Lisbon is just two and a half of hours far from Paris and London by way of aircraft? in case you want to find out the beauties of Portugal, the USA has a cutting-edge street network ready to be explored: it only takes hours to get from Lisbon to Porto or Faro, the primary cities in the north and south of the united states. Madrid is just six hours away.

The Country

With nearly 9 centuries of well-described geographical borders, a democratic parliamentary regime with political balance prevails in Portugal.

Portugal has been a member of the ECU Union for 26 years and forms a part of the EU financial device, using the ECU unmarried forex. according to the sector bank, Portugal is the 43rd biggest financial system inside the international, with one of the highest GDP increase prices over the last 40 years among the OECD nations.

Portugal is the seventeenth maximum nonviolent us of an in the international out of a pattern of 153 countries (global Peace Index 2011) and holds 32nd area out of 182 international locations in Transparency global (Corruption belief Index 2011): Portugal holds 32nd place out of 182 international locations.

Best Quality of Life

In 2010, the ecu customers desire Awards rated Lisbon (capital of the united states) as the “best destination 2010” and in 2011 it became voted one of the 42 cities in the world with the quality satisfactory of existence, by using the global excellent of residing Survey 2011.

Cost of Living

Most foreigners consider the cost of living to be low.

According to UBS (Prices and Earnings 2010), the price indices are attractive:

Food: 68.2 (index: New York = 100);

Clothing: 53.3 (index: New York = 100);

Services: 67.9 (index: New York = 100);

Metro ticket: € 1,40 (journey of approximately 10 km);

Bus ticket: € 1.80 (journey of approximately 10 km);

Restaurant: € 40 (3 course meal in a good quality restaurant).

Tax Rules

Portugal is also one of the exceptional international locations for buying a house because it has clear and transparent tax policies and gives facilities for acquiring house lets in, as part of new prison provisions which might be extra attractive to overseas investors.

It also has a unique regime for non-routine citizens, aimed at attracting foreign buyers via very favorable earnings tax quotes


In Portugal, with US$two hundred,000, you could buy a -bedroom condominium of 900 to one,000 rectangular toes in Portugal’s Algarve area, within walking distance of the seashore and near a golf course. Don’t need to spend that much? No hassle. With US$a hundred,000, you may purchase a secure one-bedroom area, also near the seashore.

The Algarve is this kind of marketplace of a hobby right now.

whether you’re looking for a vacation domestic or considering an everlasting circulate foreign places, in retirement or earlier on, with a commercial enterprise or a circle of relatives, this u. s . has an awful lot to offer, in particular along its southern coast. And the vital point to preserve the front and center for your questioning is that fees in this fascinating, sunny area might also in no way again in our lifetimes be as appealing in U.S. dollar phrases as they’re right now.

if you’re inside the market for a holiday domestic on the Continent, a 2nd home within the sun that you could hire out while you’re now not the usage of it, the Algarve has an essential gain over the Spanish Costas (every other place which you may be considering in this context). In Portugal, the tax on assets apartment earnings for nonresidents is 25% of net income. In Spain, it’s 24% of gross income.

That’s a big difference.

Backside line, the most switch tax you’ll pay in Portugal is 6%, but you’ll pay an awful lot much less in case you’re buying some thing small. The fact is, in these days’ marketplace, it’d be difficult to spend greater than a half-million euros right here until you’re actually trying to move all in.

Portugal additionally offers the gain of an active mortgage market for nonresidents. you can borrow up to 80% of the purchase charge if you qualify. note that banks cap loan terms at seventy-five or 80 years of age, depending on the bank.

One final benefit of purchasing assets inside the Algarve is the massive English-speaker infrastructure way to centuries of connections between Portugal and Britain. You’ll don’t have any trouble finding English-speaking actual property agents, bankers, legal professionals, and different provider companies.

absolute confidence and with the aid of all manner Portugal can be the fine region where all people can stay, make investments and this is all because of the governmental flexibility, low taxes, smooth to attain and of course the Wheatear.

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