Mauritius Offshore Company – IBSS
Mauritius Offshore Company Setup: The offshore in Mauritius is in the form of GBL 1 companies.A brief overview of the features of GBC1 Company is set out below:

General Overview

Type of Company GBL 1
Company Law Mauritius Companies Act 2001
Access to DTA Yes
Beneficial Ownership Must be disclosed to the FSC and the Banks only.
Migration In and Out Allowed
Conversion from GBL 1 to GBL 2 Allowed

Formation and Requirements

Time to establish 2-3 weeks after provision of all required documents
Company Due Diligence/KYC requirements Promoters, beneficial owners/shareholders, directors,bank account signatories.
List of Customer Due Diligence(Individual) For more information , see our CDD sheet
List of Customer Due Diligence(Corporate) For more information , see our CDD sheet
Business plan should include (i) nature of business; (ii) amount of capital investment; (iii) sources of investment funds or capital; (iv) projected forecasts (inflows and outflows) for first three years; and (v) target markets or investment areas
Directors Min 2 { 2 Local directors required for tax residency certificate – to be provided by Anex Management}
Members Min 1 – Nominee shareholder can be used
Company Secretary Required – Provided by Anex Management
Share Capital Any Currency except Mauritian Rs – Min Paid up is USD 1.
Types of Shares Different classes of shares can be issued and rights of the different classes may differ Shares can be of parvalue or no par value Shares may be redeemable, non- voting or confer preferential, special or limited rights to income, capital or voting as specified in the constitution (by-laws)
Board Meetings Provides for meetings of directors to include at least 2 directors from Mauritius.