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Freezone Business Setup Services in AJMAN, UAE

Ajman Offshore Company Registration is operate under the Ajman Free Zone Offshore authority. Ajman free trade zone has start Ajman offshore company formation in 2014. And since then it become a very popular choice for an offshore company formations. Just like any other offshore company. Ajman Offshore company formation also offers a tax free structure. It is also providing confidentiality as well as a privacy. Just like any other offshore; Ajman offshore incorporation use the register agent address for the company address.

Advantages of Ajman Offshore Company Setup :

  • * Ajman Free zone is Globally respected jurisdiction.
  • * Fast and cost-effective registration process in Ajman.
  • * Ajman offshore company setup will allow you to open or maintain bank account(s) in the UAE or worldwide.
  • * In Ajman offshore company there is zero taxation.
  • * For Ajman offshore setup , 100% capital and profit repatriation is allowed.
  • * Ajman company formation can be 100% foreign ownership.
  • * Ajman Offshore company does not required to have a physical office in the UAE.
  • * in Ajman Offshore setup , no paid up share capital.

Features of Ajman Offshore

  • Directors:

    A minimum of two directors are required to setup Ajman Offshore company and corporate directors are not acceptable. The same shareholder (s) can also be a director of the Ajman offshore company.

  • Secretary:

    Ajman offshore company must have a secretary. And a director can be a secretary as well.

  • Restrictions on Name & Activity:

    The name of the offshore company in Ajman must end with Limited.

  • Local Requirements:

    Ajman Offshore Company must appoint an official registered agent. A registered agent’s office in the UAE will be used as the registered office of the Ajman offshore company .

  • Timescale:

    Registration of the Ajman Offshore will take approx. 2 to 3 working days. Shareholders or their authorized attorneys should visit in person to sign documents in presence of AFZA executives for Ajman Offshore company formation.

  • Taxation:

    Ajman Offshore company pays Zero/no taxes in UAE.