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Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was established in 1988, leading to massive industrial development in Ajman by attracting a great number of companies to benefit from the investment privileges, thereby strengthening industry and trade and the financial sector in the UAE

AFZ provides competitive privileges and facilities allowing companies to get a considerable return on their investment. Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) website: www.afz.gov.ae  continues to develop its infrastructure, spending millions of Dirhams along its free zone area of more than one million square meters.

Give a Boost to Your Business in Free Zone:

The massive industrial development in Ajman free zone has led the foreign investors to invest in the Ajman free zone setup and get good industrial privileges. IBSS Consultants extends support for the Ajman free zone company formation to the overseas companies. We also help the companies to receive considerate privileges so that they can earn a good amount of returns on their investment. Ajman is rated as one of the strategic business locations since the free zone is easily connected with the airport, seaport, and well-equipped road network with the neighboring countries.

Ajman Freezone Strategic Location

Strategic location advantages:

Air: Easily reach international airports within 25 minutes by car from AFZ, including communication with world air transportation networks.

Sea: Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) is located opposite to Ajman Port.

Land: There is a highly equipped international road network connecting Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)  with neighbouring countries, for easy arrival and departure

What Benefits Ajman Free Zone Offers:

IBSS Consultant provides freezone business setup services in AJMAN, UAE in a cost-effective way. We facilitate in AJMAN freezone company formation and Ajman free zone company registration in a seamless manner. Here are some of the unique benefits offered by the Ajman Free Zone to foreign investors as:


– 100% ownership of establishment/company

– 100% foreign ownership

– Easy transfer of capital and profits

– Exemption from personal income tax

– Exemption from import and export duties

– Exemption from other taxes

– Competitive prices on facility usage

– Competitive prices for power/electricity

– Competitive prices on leasing & Easy access to low-cost labour

– Well-developed infrastructure

– One-stop counter service for effecting transactions (Residency, visas…etc.)

– Fast and easy procedures and in most cases get the license within 24 hours

If you want to establish your company in Ajman free zone, then call IBSS Consultant right away.