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Abu Dhabi Free Zones Company Formation

Abu Dhabi Free Zones Company Formation, Abu Dhabi Free Zones Company Formation Service

Establishing a business venture in one of the free zones in Abu Dhabi is an attractive option for foreign investors looking to tap into the huge potentials and excellent business environment offered by the Emirate.

An Attractive Business Opportunity:

Most of the foreign investors are looking forward to exploring the maximum potential in the Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the federal capital of UAE that provides a lucrative business opportunity to foreigners in its free zones. IBSS Consultant provides Abu Dhabi company formation services at an affordable cost to the companies. You can set up the Media Company, Medium or Heavy Industry Company, Logistics Company, etc.

These free zones are set up as part of the Emirate’s ambitious economic diversification pursuit, and intended for spurring further foreign investment in the local economy.

The free zones in Abu Dhabi mainly work in areas including logistics, media and light, medium and heavy industries.

Abu Dhabi free zones are a part of the Emirate’s economic diversification initiative to boost the local economy and promote foreign investment. Business setup in free zones comprises primarily of media and light companies, logistics companies, and medium & heavy industries. There are many incentives and facilities that shareholders receive by setting up a company in Abu Dhabi free zones, which is the key driving force behind company formation in Abu Dhabi.

Select the Best Free Zones in Abu Dhabi

IBSS Consultant guides the investors’ right from documentation to the Abu Dhabi company formation in a seamless manner. This facilitates foreign companies to receive many incentives from the Emirates. Below are some of the free zones where investors can invest.

List of Major Abu Dhabi Freezone :

  1. Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ)
  2. Twofour54
  3. Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) Free Zone
  4. Abu Dhabi Global Markets Free Zone (ADGMFZ)
  5. Industrial City of Abu Dhabi
  6. Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp)
  7. Masdar City Free Zone
  8. Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)

We will help you establish yourself in Abu Dhabi with minimum paperwork and lesser duration. Even we will support in choosing the office space, applying for business licenses, registration of your business, and much more.

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