About Us – IBSS

Who We Are

IBSS Consulting is an independent management consultancy dedicated to creating value for company and also for clients, through excellence, insight, collaboration and objectivity we enable our customers to solve any business challenge

Our dedicated team is always ready to help our clients to solve any business challenge they face. We strive for excellence in all we do and endeavour to be insightful experts that collaborate as equals. We value cooperation both within our teams as well as with our customers’ experts & experience.

We believe that our approach to teamwork stands out in the consulting industry. Our teamwork is rooted in mutual respect and collaborative support. This open-minded approach ensures the efficient transfer of knowledge, close collaboration, excellent results and above all a work environment where our people not only grow professionally but become more than just colleagues.

The people we recruit not only boast academic excellence; they have a rich character full of talents, passions, opinions and personality. We look at each individual as a whole person, and a future collaborator in our mutual success.


We at IBSS ,Our well experience Business Consultant to meet the requirements & Solution of all our clients , whether they are small and medium business entrepreneurs or multinational corporations. Our quality service and timely delivery are vouched by a diverse cliental that includes large corporates, multi-national corporations, SMEs, HNIs, family owned businesses,start-ups and professional intermediaries.

Our Commitment for:

  1. Professional & Dedicate Knowledge Expertise
  2. Time Management
  3. Organised & Result Oriented

At IBSS, We work with clients from a wide range of industries including Mining, Hotels & Restaurants, Construction, Financial Services, Private Equity & Investment Banking, Oil & Energy, Medical, Consumer Goods, Import-Export, Information Technology, FMCG, Media & Telecommunications, Manufacturing Industries, Textiles and others.

Our focus Objective is also to provide comprehensive solutions to suit our client specific requirements. We are dedicated to providing quality service and timely delivery. We understand that tailor-made services are vital for client satisfaction. We assess, customize and implement a solution that is best suited to meet our client’s goals.

We strive to provide an enriching experience to all our clients with the objective of adding value to their business. We believe that our image is enhanced when our clients succeed in their business. Through the depth of our experience and breadth of our expertise we establish the quality of your experience with us.

Apart from the initial setup we identify and provide our clients additional cost saving propositions and new business opportunities. Thus, most of clients required Consultant expertise, guidance & support in their business ventures.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create life-long and expanding success in the area of wealth, education, joy and experience of accomplishment for our staff members, customers, vendors, partners, all other stakeholders and their family members.

We Are Here Registered

Our group builds a solution that is modified for you to understand your dreams. Whether we work with professionals that want to succeed in their career, parents that look for the great education for their kids or young family that want to live their daydream and begin a better life, we are here to equal the dream with the opportunity.

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